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Mark Armistead

Mark Armistead



Marketing Automation Specialist with over 10 years experience working in tech. I'm always looking for new technologies to work with. In addition to web hosting and email marketing, I'm always playing with cutting edge stuff like VR or AI-driven automation. I hope you enjoy reading about what I learn!
When is Windows Hosting the Best Choice?

When is a Windows Server Right For You?

In the web hosting world, most people advise picking Linux when you want to get a hosting package. This article is going to look at the why’s and when’s as to when you would choose a Windows hosting package.

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Hosting Gaming Servers

Is Hosting Game Servers the Business For You?

One part of the web hosting business you may have overlooked is hosting dedicated gaming servers. Dedicated gaming servers are a niche product and don’t really get talked about much outside of the online gaming community. To the web hosting provider, they represent a possible alternative product offering.

Online gaming is a booming industry and the server requirements to power it all are going up and up. Hosting gaming servers comes with unique challenges though and it's important to know what you’re getting into before making any investments. We’re going to examine some of those challenges in this article.

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