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Interval de prețuri

Servicii Găzduire Partajată 28,41 RON - 47,38 RON
VPS 51,13 RON - 616,37 RON

Data Centers

Jan Rosi

Recenzie fixată

Jan Rosi,
4 years of my experience is excellent, very satisfied with 24 hours service, no extra/hiding fees. I recommend to with 5 star.


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Martha Crum
Martha Crum din Statele Unite ale Americii,

Best Hosting available.

I have been with Hosting for many years now & am 100% satisfied with them. They are extremely reliable & the pricing is the lowest that I have come across. They have an amazing support team as well. The longest time that I...Citiți mai mult have had to wait for a response was no more than 10 seconds. They are always available to answer any questions & are very professional. They have many features, more than most hosting co's out there now.Mai puțin
Daryl T
Daryl T din Canada,

Excellent budget option with fast support

This review is for shared hosting only.

As a student who likes making webpages and doing a bit of programming, I'm always looking for a low-priced option to do my web hosting. Hosting24 is one of the cheapest hosts around, and ...Citiți mai multthey go on sale VERY often. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen it go for the "regular" price.

Looking past the price, support is very good. They have a 24/7 live chat system that's absent on many higher-priced options. They've been quite accommodating with my novice skill level and shared their technical expertise with me.

Price is an advantage AND a disadvantage for Hosting24. The low price attracts malicious users, and this is terrible for shared hosting. If some other user on the same server gets the shared IP address blacklisted, everyone on the IP address gets the same treatment. Being hosted on a blacklisted IP is bad for your search engine visibility, and outgoing emails from the IP address will go directly to the receipient's junk folder, or not get sent at all. I've experienced this personally, and have since stayed away from using the website email accounts.

If you're starting up, or running a budget-conscious website (like non-profits, local clubs, etc), Hosting24 is a great option.
Mai puțin
Nicola Scanni
Nicola Scanni din Danemarca,

Hosting Champions

It is now 6 Years that I use Hosting 24 and I my experience it s and it has been always over the top.
Yes they did have raised their costs in 2018 however, they have still kept a reasonable price for the service they offer.
The ...Citiți mai multcustomer service is always polite and patient ...even when at the beginning I was making beginners (newbie) questions.
The website loads fast even after several of my updates.
I hope they stay that way and they just use the good review to feel better and not to charge more in the near future.

All the best
Mai puțin

Recenzie expert

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Găzduire bună pentru site-uri mici și mijlocii

Hosting24 este specializată în furnizarea de servicii de găzduire de calitate pentru site-uri mici și mijlocii încă din 2008 și pare să facă o treabă destul de bună. Compania servește clienți la nivel global și nu marketează cu adevărat acolo unde centrele lor de date sunt amplasate fizic, dar închiriază spațiul de la Immedion, o altă mare companie care oferă unor numeroase companii de găzduire spații pentru centre de date. Compania are locații în Statele Unite și în alte locuri, așa că probabil acolo are Hosting24 serverele sale. Toate opțiunile de găzduire de la această companie se bazează pe Linux. Se pare că încearcă din greu să mențină prețurile mici, ceea ce este frumos. Din ceea ce au spus ceilalți clienți, acest lucru nu i-a determinat să aibă multe probleme de calitate. Chiar și serviciile lor de găzduire partajate sunt încă destul de bune și au timpi de răspuns rapid în cea mai mare parte. Atâta timp cât nu aveți nevoie de servere de vârf, veți găsi probabil un pachet excelent la un preț corect care vă poate oferi serviciile de găzduire de care aveți nevoie.

Prețuri, planuri și facilități ale pentru anul 2022

Planuri de shared hosting

Numele planului Spațiu Lățime de bandă Panou Număr de site-uri Preț Scor
SILVER Nelimitat Nelimitat cPanel 1 28,41 RON 9.4 Detalii
GOLD Nelimitat Nelimitat cPanel 50 47,38 RON 9.4 Detalii

Planuri de Găzduire VPS

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Sistem de operare Preț Scor
VPS x1 20 GB - 1 GB 51,13 RON 6.2 Detalii
VPS x2 40 GB - 2 GB 102,26 RON 7.8 Detalii
VPS x3 60 GB - 3 GB 189,49 RON 10 Detalii
VPS x4 80 GB - 4 GB 236,92 RON 9.1 Detalii
VPS x6 120 GB - 6 GB 379,21 RON 10 Detalii
VPS x8 160 GB - 8 GB 616,37 RON 9.1 Detalii

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