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VPS 20,28 RON - 243,88 RON

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Kirill Kirill

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Kirill Kirill,
For me, the ideal hosting provider is primarily the speed of servers, the availability of technical support, and ease of use.
Let's start in order.
1) The speed of servers To evaluate this criterion...Citiți mai mult, I usually order VDS on Windows.
In this case it was the same, I ordered VDS. I was pleased with the very fast installation, literally 1-2 minutes and everything is ready.
There were hosting sites that had a disk speed of about 5 MB/s, which was very upsetting, and this fact did not bother tech support at all.
In this case, all speeds are within reasonable limits for SSD (500 MB/s). I was also pleased with the network speed.

2) Availability of technical support.
During the use of this hosting provider, I managed to turn to the guys for help.
Those. the support is sensitive, ready to help you around the clock.
According to my appeal, they found the problem and consulted.

3) Ease of use.
This hosting provider provides an extensive list of services (VDS VMware, vStack), allows you to install the OS from your image. The ordering interface is quite simple and it is very easy for an inexperienced user to understand it.
We were pleased with the pre-installation functions of various software (php, WP, apache, nginx), as well as the ability to combine them (this is also not everywhere), There are also data centers in several countries of the world

Result: ServerSpace is a decent hosting provider that you can trust.
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Prețuri, planuri și facilități ale Serverspace pentru anul 2022

Planuri de Găzduire VPS

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Sistem de operare Preț Scor
Linux Server 1 25 GB 1 x 3.10GHz 1000 MB 20,28 RON 9.7 Detalii
Linux Server 2 50 GB 1 x 3.10GHz 1.95 GB 41,06 RON 9.4 Detalii
Linux Server 3 60 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 1.95 GB 61,83 RON 9.4 Detalii
Linux Server 4 80 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 3.91 GB 82,61 RON 9.4 Detalii
Linux Server 5 160 GB 4 x 3.10GHz 7.81 GB 164,73 RON 9.4 Detalii
Windows Server 1 25 GB 1 x 3.10GHz 1000 MB 40,07 RON 9.2 Detalii
Windows Server 2 50 GB 1 x 3.10GHz 1.95 GB 60,85 RON 9.4 Detalii
Windows Server 3 60 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 1.95 GB 101,41 RON 9.4 Detalii
Windows Server 4 80 GB 2 x 3.10GHz 3.91 GB 122,19 RON 9.4 Detalii
Windows Server 5 160 GB 4 x 3.10GHz 7.81 GB 243,88 RON 9.4 Detalii

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