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25 planuri de găzduire 12 planuri de găzduire
Preţ de pornire 27,75 RON / lună 2,98 RON / lună
Domeniu gratuit Nu Da
Cupoane Nu 1 cupon
Note utilizatori
Fiabilitate 2.5
Tarife 2.5
User Friendly 2.5
Asistență 2.0
Facilități 2.5
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Cea mai recentă recenzie pozitivă
Excellent customer service
Lema Ndiyema,
Imran was very helpful. The customer service is excellent.
Calitate net superioara
Radu Nastac,
Vin de la o firma de hosting din romania... care e cea mai mare si cica cea mai buna. Suportul lor este de tot rasul... ca la romani stiti cum e ...
Un prieten mi-a zis de chemicloud si am venit la voi, trebuie sa recunosc, s... Mai mult ceptic.... dar sunt uimit de ce servicii oferiti!!!! Super tare recomand tuturor romanilor gazduire web chemicloud, au servere in romania!! Mai puțin
Cea mai recentă recenzie negativă
1Grid is Worst Hosting Company in South Africa
Klement Marais,
1Grid.co.za is literally the worst company I have ever hosted with. I have once even hosted with my elderly neighbor named Jane and the service I got from her was by far superior...
Firstly, do not get fooled by their “Live ... Mai mult Chat” – It’s about as live as a recording of the Woodstock Festival held in 1969. I waited an hour Yesterday and got useless irrelevant replies that was not helpful at all. Got about 3 responses over 60 min all asking silly things like am I the account holder and did I make sure the website has an issue. Pretending to work much? No apology for a 60 min wait time on a live chat? Come on, this is 2022, things should happen… I decided to move away to another host as I don’t have time to wait for them to train their staff to deal with customers while I wait on the other side.
I immediately signed up with another provider and 30 min later they transferred my entire Cpanel (Well done https://ivecloud.co.za/ - You guys rock!) I then requested transfer of my domains via ticket and email. The next day, I tried to follow up on their not so live chat. Low and behold, 60 min wait time only to hear the person on the other side give me false info. I asked I’m to accept the transfer and was told an agent will phone me.

A 1grid.co.za employee phones me and drops the call during verification. Guess what, did not even phone me back. I mean, why provide a service to a customer when you can rather go drink coffee? – I responded on their chat once again explaining that the person dropped the call. The 1grid.co.za char hero said someone else will phone. It’s now another hour and nobody called.
I have been with 1grid for probably 10 years. When they were called Gridhost, they offered fantastic service. They got taken over by WebAfrica in 2013 and ever since they have provided nothing but the worst service in the world. WebAfrica ruined a perfect company.
Mai puțin
Bad attitude when they know I m migrating server due to technical issues
Shahbaz Khan,
I used it for 2 years and as a Senior Developer, I would not recommend this to anyone. They miss interpreted the word grace period once they came to know I m not going to continue first they asked to pay for the grace period ... Mai mult and then suspended the account 10 hours before ending the grace period and insisted to buy for one more month to recover the data if required.
I have used many hosting services including aws, godaddy, BlueHost, hostgator, Contabo, OVS, etc for different clients in my entire professional career but chemcloud is very opportunist.
also, their technical staff is so much incompetent that often they refuse to install some packages or install them in a way that is not useful and generates issues.
Personally, I would not recommend it to any of my clients.
Mai puțin
Servicii Găzduire Partajată
3 planuri de la 27,75 RON la 66,99 RON 3 planuri de la 2,98 RON la 5,98 RON
Sub 4$ Nu


2,98 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 20 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
  • Panou: cpanel
  • Numărul de site-uri: 1
Vedeți planul Starter
Sub 8$


99,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 5 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
  • Panou: cpanel
  • Numărul de site-uri: 100
Vedeți planul Medium


4,48 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 30 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
  • Panou: cpanel
Vedeți planul Pro
Peste 10$


239,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 50 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
  • Panou: cpanel
Vedeți planul Large
3 planuri de la 89,41 RON la 201,52 RON 4 planuri de la 59,96 RON la 269,96 RON
Sub 4$ Nu Nu
Sub 8$ Nu Nu
Peste 10$


719,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 150 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
Vedeți planul Large


59,96 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 80 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
Vedeți planul CVPS 1
Server dedicat
6 planuri de la 441,15 RON la 1.681,36 RON
Sub 4$ Nu Nu
Sub 8$ Nu Nu
Peste 10$

Enterprise Server+

4.999,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 4 TB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
Vedeți planul Enterprise Server+
Servicii Găzduire Cloud
3 planuri de la 251,97 RON la 448,16 RON 1 plan de la 59,96 RON la 59,96 RON
Sub 4$ Nu Nu
Sub 8$ Nu Nu
Peste 10$


1.599,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 500 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: 5 TB
Vedeți planul Large

Cloud VPS 1

59,96 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 80 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: 4 TB
Vedeți planul Cloud VPS 1
Generator de site-uri web
3 planuri de la 30,55 RON la 89,41 RON
Sub 4$ Nu Nu
Sub 8$


109,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 749.98 MB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
Vedeți planul Small
Peste 10$


319,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 50 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
Vedeți planul Large
3 planuri de la 83,80 RON la 279,99 RON 4 planuri de la 7,49 RON la 17,49 RON
Sub 4$ Nu Nu
Sub 8$ Nu


7,49 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 60 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: 3 TB
  • Panou: whm
Vedeți planul Kickstart
Peste 10$


999,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 75 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
  • Panou: whm
Vedeți planul Large


9,99 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 90 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: 6 TB
  • Panou: whm
Vedeți planul Grow
4 planuri de la 61,38 RON la 677,98 RON
Sub 4$ Nu Nu
Sub 8$ Nu Nu
Peste 10$

Extended Validation

2.419,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: Nelimitat
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
Vedeți planul Extended Validation
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