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DreamIT Host vs HostArmada

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1 planuri de găzduire 10 planuri de găzduire
Preţ de pornire 9,05 RON / lună 16,84 RON / lună
Domeniu gratuit Nu Da
Cupoane Nu 1 cupon
Note utilizatori
Fiabilitate 1.0
Tarife 2.7
User Friendly 2.7
Asistență 2.0
Facilități 2.0
Comentarii turiști
3 recenzii 224 recenzii
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generally great service, easy user interphase, great support, zero down time.
jamie fabian,
been using hostarmada for sometime now, it has been an awesome experience. its affordable, efficient and great support, i would recommend hostarmada to anyone who needs a reliable hosting company.
Cea mai recentă recenzie negativă
Not reliable company tease regular registered customers
Min YU,
I Ordered Server for my business last month from you, on second order you hold my order and asked for id I provided you with my picture business Details etc you upgraded my account to business account:
After 1 Month my busine... Mai mult ss in all regions needs new server order placed and you suspended all services although my of my renewal invoices paid either from credit or my credit card.
If any new customer or any person wants to be your customer and complete all steps this type of behavior shown from your end which is very bad anyhow I will personally meet and visit to your office soon
We ordered servers paid and that’s it we provided you all our cards details my company web my email and all, explained everything to you for proof that I am not bad person and using services for my business,
I am many businesses worldwide under name oz cosmetics my main is selling cosmetics and hosting projects software to many people around globe.
I respect you and due to trust we hired your vps and its very bad image I just need why you behaved immorally nonprofessionals keep in mind that my account was already verified.
No one verifies or ask for customers details transaction I am not going to make bank account I have provided you all details instead of privacy
Regarding main concern is what your issue about my payments have you authorization form like other companies incase of postal address not matches?
Have you my vpn address issue which is used for work?
Have you any complaint about my server?
I am digital ocean gcore labs customer never faced such quires like immigration guys asks,I am hurted and definitely I will highlight this on different social media platforms with emails screenshots and yes will review on your company as well
your degrading your customers, I have screenshot for all
I hope you will explain this to me asap
Min Yu
OZ Cosmetics Australia
CDM Delivery Uk
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Servicii Găzduire Partajată
1 plan de la 9,05 RON la 9,05 RON 3 planuri de la 16,84 RON la 23,89 RON
Sub 4$

Startup Web

2,95 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 1 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
  • Panou: cpanel
Vedeți planul Startup Web

Start Dock

3,99 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 15 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
  • Panou: cpanel
  • Numărul de site-uri: 1
Vedeți planul Start Dock
Sub 8$ Nu

Web Warp

4,69 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 30 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
  • Panou: cpanel
Vedeți planul Web Warp
Peste 10$ Nu Nu
4 planuri de la 173,93 RON la 427,16 RON
Sub 4$ Nu Nu
Sub 8$ Nu Nu
Peste 10$ Nu

Web Shuttle

41,21 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 50 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
Vedeți planul Web Shuttle
Server dedicat
3 planuri de la 628,85 RON la 1.388,55 RON
Sub 4$ Nu Nu
Sub 8$ Nu Nu
Peste 10$ Nu

Armada DS - LIFT OFF!

149,00 RON / L
  • Spațiu: 160 GB
  • Lățime de bandă: Nelimitat
Vedeți planul Armada DS - LIFT OFF!
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America de Nord Nu Da
Europa Nu Da
Asia Nu Da
Australia și Oceania Da Da
America de Sud Nu Nu
Africa și Orientul Mijlociu Nu Nu
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Live Chat Da Da
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Asistență e-mail Da Da
Asistență forum Nu Da
Ghiduri video Nu Da
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