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  • Reliability
    4.7 / 10
  • Pricing
    5.0 / 10
  • User Friendly
    4.7 / 10
  • Support
    4.0 / 10
  • Features
    4.7 / 10

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Anne Takh
  • Fiabilitate 6.0
  • Tarife 2.0
  • User Friendly 8.0
  • Asistență 8.0
  • Facilități 6.0

Big time NO! Pricing scam

Serviciul folosit: Shared
Big time NO. I have been them for many many years before I shopped around and realized that I am heavily overcharged.They make you sign up for their hosting with really attractive prices but before you know they will be charging y ... Citiți mai mult
G Cannon
Statele Unite ale Americii
  • Fiabilitate 2.0
  • Tarife 2.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

Scammers !!! Please do not use BlueHost. I do not want any one to experience what I have. Stay away!!!!!!!!!!

Serviciul folosit: Shared - Basic
They are not for the support of their customers. Their intent is to scam you out of your money. They shut down your site share you need to move to their VIP Plan. When you refuse that they try to scam you on using WP Live for to h ... Citiți mai mult
No Comment
  • Fiabilitate 8.0
  • Tarife 8.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 8.0

Sleazy up-sell practices

Serviciul folosit: Server dedicat - Standard
Had to pull my site from Bluehost as they have some pretty sleazy up-sell methods if you are on a base level plan. Did not even have an active site at one point and was getting threatening emails telling me I had a virus on my web ... Citiți mai mult
Bill Costlow
Statele Unite ale Americii
  • Fiabilitate 2.0
  • Tarife 2.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

retribution in billing disputes

Serviciul folosit: Shared - Plus
I had bluehost bill me two years in a row after I cancelled my account. When my card was billed a second time, I disputed the issue through my bank. My bank asked me to contact the merchant and see if we could resolve this without ... Citiți mai mult
Mr. Carter
Statele Unite ale Americii
  • Fiabilitate 4.0
  • Tarife 4.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 4.0

Blue host sucks, BLUEHOST agent changed my password with out my authorization, twice in 5 minutes, 3 times in 9 minutes!

Serviciul folosit: VPS - Premium
I thought word press was good, based on the reviews. I think NOT! I publish my webpage, and then go to it and check it, less than a week later, it is NOT published. I can not log in to my own account. The Chat is not in the USA. T ... Citiți mai mult
Delaney Milton
Statele Unite ale Americii
  • Fiabilitate 2.0
  • Tarife 4.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

Do not use BlueHost

Serviciul folosit: Shared - Plus
I do not recommend using Bluehost unless you know exactly what you are doing. After 32 days I wanted to cancel my subscription and get a refund as it is WAY less user friendly than many other hosting sites. They would not let me r ... Citiți mai mult
Kimberley Keehn
  • Fiabilitate 2.0
  • Tarife 2.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

I hate BlueHost and here is why:

Serviciul folosit: VPS
I was recommended Bluehost by my SEO agency and did research at the time which put them in good standing. This a few years back. Fast forward to today, my ecommerce site has been completely offline for a week now. They closed my s ... Citiți mai mult
Steven Possi
  • Fiabilitate 2.0
  • Tarife 2.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

Rip Off

Serviciul folosit: Shared
Don't invest your time in setting up your hosting needs with Bluehost, they trick you into signing up by low introductory offers and double the prices at renewal. Unethical business practises do not win customer confidence or loya ... Citiți mai mult
Sophia Smith
  • Fiabilitate 10
  • Tarife 10
  • User Friendly 10
  • Asistență 10
  • Facilități 10

Fully Stable and amazing web hosting

Serviciul folosit: Cloud
Basically, I’m new in the field of SEO but as much as I have learned that, if we compare the other web hosting with blue hosting than blue hosting is amazing with every point of view. It is my personal experience. I have created a ... Citiți mai mult


Service Gama de prețuri
Găzduire Partajată 11,78 RON - 21,76 RON Vizualizați planuri
VPS 79,81 RON - 239,50 RON Vizualizați planuri
Server dedicat 319,35 RON - 479,05 RON Vizualizați planuri
Găzduire Cloud 27,75 RON - 63,68 RON Vizualizați planuri
Serviciile și prețurile sunt preluate de pe

BlueHost - Review specialist 2018

Scris de: Max Ostryzhko

Evaluare BlueHost

  • Fiabilitate
    9.2 / 10
  • Tarife
    8.3 / 10
  • User Friendly
    5 / 10
  • Asistență
    5 / 10
  • Facilități
    8 / 10
Apreciat de Max Ostryzhko

BlueHost: Hosting simplu, bine stabilit

BlueHost face parte dintr-un grup de patru host-uri toate conduse de aceeași persoană (din grup mai fac parte HostMonster, JustHost și FastDomain). BlueHost, host-ul inițial, stabilit în 1996, este unul dintre cele mai vechi; cu peste 1 milion de domenii gestionate, și este, de asemenea, unul dintre cele mai populare. Celelalte servicii din grup oferă aceleași caracteristici, deci îl poți alege pe cel cu cel mai bun preț pentru tine, ca să îți dai seama dacă se ridică la așteptările tale. Comparativ, BlueHost este cel mai scump, dar are cea mai bună recunoaștere. Compania știe ce caracteristici sunt cele mai populare, și oferă un preț redus pentru aceste caracteristici. Elementele de bază sunt furnizate - domenii nelimitate, email-uri, lățime de bandă și spațiu pe disc - și BlueHost aruncă un nume de domeniu gratuit atunci când achiziționezi un an de hosting. Pentru utilizatorii care doresc capacitate de a manipula mega-lățimea de bandă, cum ar fi companiile cu nevoi robuste de e-commerce, există un plan de nivel pro mai scump cu SSL, o adresă IP dedicată, și un procesor mai puternic.

Uptime & Reliability


Basically Perfect

Bluehost doesn’t promise a specific number in terms of uptime percentages, but they claim to be the best in the business. Our tests show 99.9% uptime for Users can boost security with SSL and SSH encryption, their servers utilize 10 GB connections, they have a UPS power backup system, and a super-strong server. Still, there’s a plethora of former customers out there who gripe about the slow load time.



Oodles of Features

In addition to the unlimited basics, BlueHost has all sorts of neat features available like support for multiple types of coding (like PHP, Perl 5, Python, Javascript, and Flash). There’s also an easy website builder with templates, e-commerce, and media options for users who want a website but aren’t familiar with coding,

Feature Description
Disk SpaceYou are allowed unlimited disk space with all BlueHost accounts.
Website BuilderBluehost includes a slim version of website builder Weebly, which allows you to build a six page website for free, then you can pay to create more than that. Also, Wwith a single click you can install simple script applications that build sites like WordPress.
Email AccountsYou are allowed unlimited email accounts with all BlueHost accounts, plus POP, IMAP, and a trio of webmail options.
Shopping CartsBlueHost gives you the option of choosing between OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Agora, Cube Cart, or Zen Cart.t
StatsBlueHost gives you the option of choosing betwee Awstats and Webalizer to keep an eye on your website traffic.
MySQL databasesYou get MySQL 5 databases with all BlueHost accounts.t
FTP AccountYou are allowed unlimited FTP accounts and access with all BlueHost accounts.
Multiple DomainsYou are allowed unlimited domain hosting with all BlueHost accounts.



Unhappy Former Customers

On paper, Bluehost has everything you could want in terms of support – live 24/7 chat, phone support, a ticketed email system, and a user forum – but looking at online forums, there are a lot of angry and disappointed voices, and the masses usually aren’t wrong. The video tutorial library was pretty weak.



Standard Pricing, No Moneyback Guarantee

BlueHost’s basic package price is average, but what really stands out is the lack of a money-back guarantee. This is especially bad when you consider the big price break comes with a three year contract: if you sign up for the long-term and suddenly find that your site is down regularly, there’s no way to switch hosts or to get your money back. If you have major bandwidth needs, the pro-level plan isn’t really competitively priced. This is really a better web host for individuals and companies that never anticipate growing past a certain level.

User Friendly


cPanel Crowded with Promos

BlueHost uses cPanel, a familiar interface and the gold standard in control panels. However, BlueHost has so many add-on services available through promotions that they take up too much space in the cPanel, obscure what’s obviously necessary—all in an atempt to get you to shell out more money.


BlueHost doesn’t cater to any one group in particular: newbies might not get the support they need and may be confused by the crowding from promos. Advanced users might be disappointed with the weak CPU strength and miss some features they need. For the most part, BlueHost does what it says it will; it’s just not boasting of anything too exciting.   Pros

  • Low cost packages
  • Single-click installation of e-commerce solutions
  • Single-click installation of WordPress
  • Unlimited basics (domains, email addresses, bandwidth, disk space)
  • US-based live phone and chat support, plus email tickets
  • Free domain with purchase of one year of hosting


  • Base price missing lots of good features
  • Mediocre customer support
  • Issues with email service
  • Issues with slow load time
Vizitați BlueHost Vezi planuri & prețuri

Prețuri, planuri și facilități ale BlueHost pentru anul 2018

Planuri de shared hosting

Numele planului Spațiu Lățime de bandă Număr de site-uri Preț Score
50 GB Nelimitat Nelimitat 11,78 RON 3.9
Nelimitat Nelimitat Nelimitat 21,76 RON 3.0
Nelimitat Nelimitat Nelimitat 21,76 RON 6.5

Planuri de Găzduire VPS

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Sistem de operare Preț Score
30 GB 2 nuclee 2 GB 79,81 RON 4.6
60 GB 2 nuclee 4 GB 119,73 RON 8.0
120 GB 3 nuclee 6 GB 179,62 RON 6.7
240 GB 4 nuclee 8 GB 239,50 RON 3.6

Planuri servere dedicate

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Sistem de operare Preț Score
5 TB 4 x 2.50GHz 4 GB 319,35 RON 3.8
10 TB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB 399,20 RON 4.6
15 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 16 GB 479,05 RON 4.6

Planuri de Cloud Hosting

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Lățime de bandă Preț Score
100 GB 2 nuclee 2 GB Nelimitat 27,75 RON 4.6
Nelimitat 4 nuclee 4 GB Nelimitat 35,73 RON 2.0
Nelimitat 6 nuclee 6 GB Nelimitat 63,68 RON 2.2
Un domeniu gratuit este inclus la cumpărarea unui serviciu de hosting de la BlueHost

Locații server


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