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Scris de: Eliran Ouzan

Evaluare InterServer

  • Fiabilitate
    10 / 10
  • Tarife
    9 / 10
  • User Friendly
    9 / 10
  • Asistență
    10 / 10
  • Facilități
    9 / 10
Apreciat de Eliran Ouzan

Hosting recunoscut cu multe caracteristici grozave

Interserver a intrat în afaceri începând cu 1999 și în acest timp a crescut prin a deveni una dintre cele mai complete companii de hosting în afaceri. Ei au o gamă largă de diferite pachete disponibile, astfel încât, dacă ești în căutarea de hosting pentru un simplu blog personal sau ai nevoie de hosting pentru un site mare corporativ, ei se pot ocupa de toate.

Sunt o companie de hosting cu capital integral privat, și dețin propriul lor centru de date high end în New Jersey. De-a lungul anilor, au cumparat multe alte companii de hosting, lucru care le-a permis să construiască o rețea de fibră optică la nivel național. Aceasta este o realizare și oferă clienților acces la conexiuni extrem de rapide, cu o fiabilitate excepțională.

În plus față de pachetele de hosting mari, ei oferă, de asemenea, servicii de colocare și înregistrare domenii.

Uptime & Reliability


Reliable hosting at all package levels

Uptime means the time in which your website remains up and running without any problems. Like many other web hosting providers, InterServer also offers 99.99% uptime, and surprisingly enough, they delivered it. After testing whether the company is reliable, it’s safe to conclude that they deliver what was promised.
Besides, their data center is a state of the art one, with fully redundant power and Internet connections, which helps customers to avoid any unexpected downtime.
All hosting packages include daily backups, which can help customers recover in the event that there is an outage.



Everything you need at every level

Looking through their hosting packages, it is easy to see that they are not targeting one specific type of website. They have packages for people at every level, and in almost all cases the packages come with everything you need already included.
Their entry-level hosting is a shared service. They have several different packages to choose from, including some unlimited options. According to many current customers, the reliability of these packages is quite high, which is a good indicator that they don’t overload their shared servers.
They also offer VPS hosting (both standard and cloud VPS) for the mid-sized websites, as well as dedicated packages for those who need the added power. For the dedicated servers, you can either create your own custom build and have it set up for you, or they have some pre-configured options that they call ‘quick servers’ so you can get your website up and running fast.
They do have some nice perks such as getting free $100 Google AdWords Credits and an exclusive 20% Off Template Monster Discount with every valid purchase. You can also get nice reseller options and the choice of Linux, Windows, OpenVZ or KVM.



Great technical support 24/7/365

InterServer provides live chat and phone support through a toll-free number 24 hours per day. They also have a nice internal ticketing system that is easy to use and gets fast responses from their skilled team of technicians.
If you want to try to do things on your own, there is some good self-help content available on their website, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The best option, after all, is contacting their support team.



Affordable hosting prices

Although it used to be a bit overpriced, InterServer is now relatively affordable and easy on the pocket. The prices are low, and you can even get an additional discount.
Furthermore, they have plans at virtually every price point so people can find a service that works for them at a price they can afford.
Also, unlike many other reputable web hosting providers, they offer fixed prices for the renewals. This means that you won’t have to pay more than what you paid when you registered in the first place.


High quality hosting for all types of sites

Overall, this is an excellent hosting company which has been providing their customers with great services for a very long time. Their consistency is one of the things that has really helped them to continue to grow and remain successful over the years.


  • Well established company
  • Privately owned
  • Great packages for all types of sites
  • Nationwide fiber network in place


  • No money back guarantee for VPS or dedicated servers
  • Server location in the United States only.

InterServer recenziile utilizatorilor

Bazat pe 298 recenzii în 10 limbi

Punctajul clienților pentru InterServer

  • Reliability
    9.3 / 10
  • Pricing
    9.4 / 10
  • User Friendly
    9.2 / 10
  • Support
    9.3 / 10
  • Features
    9.3 / 10

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Anoop K
  • Fiabilitate 4.0
  • Tarife 4.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

Very Bad Support & too delay

Serviciul folosit: Shared
I purchased one cpanel license on 12/6/2018 and paid the invoice correctly. But today[20/6/2018] its expired. i submitted one ticket on this case. Ticket Number ALH-801-82525. Right now more than 3 hours are completed and yet they...Citiți mai mult
user avatar
Hugo Max
Hi Anoop,
your case It funny but sad at the same time I had to wait one week to get my server up and then find out they give me black listed IP ,technically noting was working , had to wait 2 more weeks and not resolved until the server expired ::( . the worst hosting provider I ever had .

We responded promptly to your ticket. In the ticket you submitted you mentioned that you wanted an IP change on the license. This was not possible without manual intervention because the IP was licensed by another compan...Citiți mai mult
Nate Uhuru
  • Fiabilitate 10
  • Tarife 8.0
  • User Friendly 10
  • Asistență 10
  • Facilități 10

They are simply the best

Serviciul folosit: VPS - VPS1 - Linux
Uptime is like 99+%.
Support is just so good. They help out on everything.
Time to answer is super amazing
Tickets do not wait unattended to.
Like all of my apps are hosted here. Never a down time, 2 years and counting.
Mark Austin
Marea Britanie
  • Fiabilitate 2.0
  • Tarife 2.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

Be warned

Serviciul folosit: Shared - STANDARD
Things started well when I bought hosting from Interserver but soon went bad, very bad. First, my site was in the bottom 2% for upload speeds in Australia, and not good elsewhere. Second, Interserver tehn farmed out their "support...Citiți mai mult
Jack Le
  • Fiabilitate 2.0
  • Tarife 2.0
  • User Friendly 2.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

Don't hire hosting of this company.

Serviciul folosit: Shared - WINDOWS Web Hosting
I have just bought domain name and hosting from this ISP (, After launching 2 months, I recieve email about abusing from interserver, and they locked my account for the first time, but they should ...Citiți mai mult
Nad Merheb
  • Fiabilitate 10
  • Tarife 10
  • User Friendly 10
  • Asistență 10
  • Facilități 10

Top notch Service

Serviciul folosit: Shared - STANDARD
i have 2 accounts with interserver & i am super satisfied for the quality service & knowledge provided by the service techs ,they dig deeper to know the exact problem & they follow up to find a solution, always there w...Citiți mai mult
david sleith
Marea Britanie
  • Fiabilitate 10
  • Tarife 10
  • User Friendly 10
  • Asistență 10
  • Facilități 10

good stuff

Serviciul folosit: VPS - VPS2 - Linux
I have used a shedload of nix boxes over the last 20+ years, and i seldom bother my arse doing customer review forms etc, but in this instance i have to tip my hat and say thanks for the high quality of service from this mob, in a...Citiți mai mult
ahmad alqhtanyi
  • Fiabilitate 8.0
  • Tarife 6.0
  • User Friendly 6.0
  • Asistență 2.0
  • Facilități 2.0

Hosting has become bad

Serviciul folosit: Shared - STANDARD
Moved from Namecheap
This hosting was good in the first few months
Support was good
Then from 2018
The server is slow
Server problems are unresponsive
Coding errors
!Support has become bad .... If you repeated messages to support, you wil...Citiți mai mult


Service Gama de prețuri
Găzduire Partajată 20,46 RON - 32,74 RON Vizualizați planuri
VPS 24,55 RON - 654,74 RON Vizualizați planuri
Server dedicat 568,80 RON - 1.268,55 RON Vizualizați planuri
Serviciile și prețurile sunt preluate de pe

Prețuri, planuri și facilități ale InterServer pentru anul 2018

Planuri de shared hosting

Numele planului Spațiu Lățime de bandă Număr de site-uri Preț Score
Nelimitat Nelimitat Nelimitat 20,46 RON 6.4
Nelimitat Nelimitat Nelimitat 32,74 RON 10
Nelimitat Nelimitat Nelimitat 20,46 RON 2.0

Planuri de Găzduire VPS

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Sistem de operare Preț Score
25 GB 1 nucleu 1 GB 24,55 RON 8.6
25 GB 1 nucleu 1 GB 40,92 RON 10
50 GB 1 nucleu 2 GB 49,11 RON 10
75 GB 1 nucleu 3 GB 73,66 RON 9.3
50 GB 1 nucleu 2 GB 81,84 RON 9.3
100 GB 1 nucleu 4 GB 98,21 RON 9.3
75 GB 1 nucleu 3 GB 122,76 RON 9.3
125 GB 2 nuclee 5 GB 122,76 RON 9.3
150 GB 2 nuclee 6 GB 147,32 RON 9.3
100 GB 1 nucleu 4 GB 163,68 RON 9.3
175 GB 2 nuclee 7 GB 171,87 RON 9.3
200 GB 2 nuclee 8 GB 196,42 RON 9.3
125 GB 2 nuclee 5 GB 204,60 RON 9.3
225 GB 3 nuclee 9 GB 220,97 RON 9.3
150 GB 2 nuclee 6 GB 245,53 RON 9.3
250 GB 3 nuclee 10 GB 245,53 RON 9.3
275 GB 3 nuclee 11 GB 270,08 RON 9.3
175 GB 2 nuclee 7 GB 286,45 RON 9.3
300 GB 3 nuclee 12 GB 294,63 RON 9.3
325 GB 4 nuclee 13 GB 319,18 RON 9.3
200 GB 2 nuclee 8 GB 327,37 RON 9.3
350 GB 4 nuclee 14 GB 343,74 RON 9.3
225 GB 3 nuclee 9 GB 368,29 RON 9.3
375 GB 4 nuclee 15 GB 368,29 RON 9.3
400 GB 4 nuclee 16 GB 392,84 RON 9.3
250 GB 3 nuclee 10 GB 409,21 RON 9.3
275 GB 3 nuclee 11 GB 450,13 RON 9.3
300 GB 3 nuclee 12 GB 491,05 RON 9.3
325 GB 4 nuclee 13 GB 531,97 RON 9.3
350 GB 4 nuclee 14 GB 572,89 RON 9.3
375 GB 4 nuclee 15 GB 613,81 RON 9.3
400 GB 4 nuclee 16 GB 654,74 RON 9.3

Planuri servere dedicate

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Sistem de operare Preț Score
250 GB 4 x 3.00GHz 16 GB 568,80 RON 9.3
250 GB 12 x 2.00GHz 8 GB 1.268,55 RON 9.3

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