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Servicii Găzduire Partajată 9,99 RON - 20,02 RON
VPS 0,00 RON - 491,32 RON
Server dedicat 488,13 RON - 1.225,39 RON
Servicii Găzduire Cloud 210,46 RON - 491,32 RON
SSL 159,35 RON - 638,09 RON


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nikunj harsora

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nikunj harsora,
Todor Ganchev of a popular tech company fastcomet and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. From the moment I reached out for help, I was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable representative who listened to my concerns and provided effective solutions.
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Cristian Feraru
Cristian Feraru din România,

our websites are down again and again and again - 2021 is the worst year with them

The downtime for our websites is more than 24 hours. Their services are execrable. And their official response was :

Thank you for the update.

The restoration process for all accounts on the server is still ongoing...Citiți mai mult, however, I am afraid that we are not able to provide an ETA at this point in time.

As soon as the process is complete, we will immediately provide you with a status update via this ticket.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."
Mai puțin
Dear Cristian,

We are deeply sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with your services. We take any feedback from our clients into serious consideration and perform a thorough review of each case. Our main priority an...Citiți mai multd mission are to provide our clients with a smooth and satisfying customer experience, both with our support and services.

With that in mind, we would like to address a few things that we believe are pretty important. One such thing is the reason behind your website inaccessibility which was an Emergency Maintenance that had to be performed on the server node where your Hosting Accounts reside. The reason for the Emergency Maintenance was a Hardware Failure of the Physical Host where the server resides. Once we identified the issue, our System Administrators attempted to migrate the server to a new physical host. However, due to the severity of the Hardware Failure, the migration was not a successful one. Since the initial migration was unsuccessful, our System Administrators attempted several different techniques to recover the data from the server's disks. Unfortunately, they were unable to do so due to the severe damage caused by the hardware malfunction. Considering all of this, they determined that the best course of action would be to set up a brand new server and restore all of the data from the remote backup solution available on all of our Shared Hosting Servers. The new server was set up, and everything was restored from the latest available backup we had then. Unfortunately, everything described above took us some time to complete. But it was needed to ensure that the restoration was carried out flawlessly for all affected users on the server.

We fully understand that this has caused issues for you and your business. You have our sincerest apologies for that and the fact that it took us an extended period of time to resolve this compared to the usual almost instant resolution for most cases. Unfortunately, the unprecedented situation required us to take extra precautions to ensure that everything related to the new server setup, data restore, and migration is carried out flawlessly.
We did everything to ensure your website and the rest of our users' data was safely restored without a single byte of information lost - which we did. Indeed, it took slightly longer, but we can assure you that a lack of concern, Cristian did not cause this but rather the opposite. Plus the fact that the restoration of the entire server is quite a time-consuming task.

Once again, we fully understand your frustration and apologize for the trouble this issue is causing. At present, we are glad to see you are not undergoing any further difficulties with your website and it's operating smoothly again. Our team remains at your disposal, so if you are willing to communicate things further with us, as always, we are here 24/7 to assist you.

FastComet Team
Mai puțin

Multumesc pentru tot FastComet

Sunt foarte bucuros ca am cumparat de la FastComet! Am avut cateva probleme pana acum si toate au fost rezolvate. Suportul tehnic este foarte bun si ii multumesc in special lui Oliver W. pentru optimizarea website-ului si pentru celelalte detalii in optimizarea pe viitor.
Mike V
Mike V din Germania,

Sunt foarte bucuros că m-am mutat la Fastcomet

Aveam o problemă cu domeniul meu la un alt provider de web-hosting care era de 2 ori mai scump în comparație cu FastComet, dar când m-am mutat la Fastcomet am fost surprins de cât de prietenos este staff-ul și toți cei de la Fastc...Citiți mai multomet - sunt rapizi și rezolvă problemele rapid. serverul este foarte rapid și paginile mele se încarcă foarte diferit acum.Mai puțin

Recenzie expert

Aviran Zazon
Aviran Zazon
HostAdvice COO

Probabil ce mai bun furnizor de hosting web

Dacă te aflii în nevoie de servicii comune de hosting, servere dedicate, cloud hosting și management de domeniu, atunci s-ar putea îți dorești să iei în considerare FastComet.com. FastComet.com este o companie de web bazată pe hosting care oferă o varietate de soluții de hosting de înaltă calitate. Ei au peste cinci locații de servere în Statele Unite ale Americii, Olanda, Singapore, Marea Britanie și Germania. FastComet.com a fost în afaceri pentru mai mult de 7 ani, furnizând servicii profesionale în sistem de administrare și servicii de hosting clienților privați și publici.

Prețuri, planuri și facilități ale FastComet pentru anul 2023

Planuri de shared hosting

Numele planului Spațiu Lățime de bandă Panou Număr de site-uri Preț Scor
FastCloud 15 GB Nelimitat cPanel 1 9,99 RON 4.7 Detalii
FastCloud Plus 25 GB Nelimitat cPanel Nelimitat 15,00 RON 4.9 Detalii
FastCloud Extra 35 GB Nelimitat cPanel Nelimitat 20,02 RON 4.8 Detalii

Planuri de Găzduire VPS

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Sistem de operare Preț Scor
VPS Cloud 1 50 GB 1 x 2.50GHz 2 GB 210,46 RON 4.7 Detalii
VPS Cloud 2 80 GB 2 x 2.50GHz 4 GB 245,57 RON 4.8 Detalii
VPS Cloud 3 160 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB 315,78 RON 4.9 Detalii
VPS Cloud 4 320 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 16 GB 491,32 RON 4.7 Detalii
Free trial Nelimitat - 0 B 0,00 RON 4.8 Detalii

Planuri servere dedicate

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Sistem de operare Preț Scor
DS 1 80 GB 2 nuclee 4 GB 488,13 RON 4.9 Detalii
DS 2 160 GB 4 nuclee 8 GB 593,45 RON 5.0 Detalii
DS 3 320 GB 8 nuclee 16 GB 804,10 RON 4.6 Detalii
DS 4 640 GB 16 nuclee 32 GB 1.225,39 RON 4.9 Detalii

Planuri de Cloud Hosting

Numele planului Spațiu CPU RAM Lățime de bandă Preț Scor
Cloud 1 50 GB 1 x 2.50GHz 2 GB 2 TB 210,46 RON 4.8 Detalii
Cloud 2 80 GB 2 x 2.50GHz 4 GB 4 TB 245,57 RON 4.0 Detalii
Cloud 3 160 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB 5 TB 315,78 RON 4.9 Detalii
Cloud 4 320 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 16 GB 8 TB 491,32 RON 4.9 Detalii

Planuri SSL

Numele planului Facilități Garanţie Preț Scor
Comodo Positive SSL 45.594,03 RON 159,35 RON 4.8 Detalii
Positive SSL Wildcard 45.594,03 RON 638,09 RON 4.8 Detalii

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